Building Sanctuary

One of the definitions of "sanctuary" is a sacred place or a place for peaceful tranquility and introspection. Who doesn't want this in their home? Or workplace? The good news is that this is available and possible for all of us!

First, think about creating sanctuary both on the inside and on the outside--both energetically and physically. We are a reflection of our environment and our environment is a reflection of us. The goal is to simultaneously create sanctuary in ourselves and in our homes/workplaces. 

There are two main steps to cultivating a sanctuary: First the stagnant and stale must go, so basically clear your clutter, release what you no longer love or need, and only keep what truly "feeds" you in positive vibes. This means looking at your physical belongings as well as your lifestyle, essentially your body/mind/soul situation. Next, begin enhancing your space, starting with the area that is calling out to you most and move into other areas from there. Enhancements will range from changing the color of a room to moving furniture to altering your exercise/food/sleep routines to calling in healing crystals, oils, and transformational mantras-- because after all this is an all encompassing sanctuary we are creating for ourselves. 

When should you create a sanctuary for yourself? Now! We only walk this Earth for a short time, and this is our time to thrive and rise into our true human potential. It helps to start small. First create a small altar that is full of representations of your higher consciousness and the life you are dreaming in. That will anchor your energetic sanctuary. Next, clear out one drawer or closet, which will be begin the altering of your physical sanctuary. Let me know how this goes for you!


We have countless aspects of ourselves as well as the people and world around us into which we constantly choose whether or not to bring our awareness. Imagine that awareness is a flashlight which you carry with you at all times. Wherever your mind takes you is where you shine that light. It's that simple. So if your mind constantly gets stuck on a challenging aspect of your life, that's where your light of awareness shines. If your mind instead focuses on aspects of you and the world that are filled with positive vibrations, that's where your light of awareness shines. The point is we are powerful beings and can choose to direct and redirect our minds, with the goal being to shine our light of awareness in the optimal place in each moment. 

So how do we know the optimal place to shine our light of awareness in each moment? That's where our different meditation or "balancing" practices come into play. What is it for you? Walking in the woods? Painting? Yoga? Taking a bath? Sitting in stillness? Playing with your kids and pets? Spending time with your soul mates? Probably it's a combination of those sorts of things that we know reset us. When we reset ourselves through balancing practices, we bring ourselves into a state of steadiness, where we are not wavering between the highs and lows so much. This is a place where through the practices of self tending, we feel calm and cared for; we feel able to meet the outer world with greater stability. From this place, we are at our best at navigating where to let our minds light up with awareness. We can bring our awareness to one place and maintain a sense of interconnectedness with the whole. With this intelligent awareness, we innately know the best place for our light of awareness to shine in each moment for the good of ourselves and for the good of all. 

When we see ourselves going down that path of focusing on the negative too much too often, we can use the power of intention within our mind to redirect our focus to shine our flashlights of awareness on vibes of positivity, changing our perspective on the world.

Exercise: find a special stone that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Hold it while closing your eyes. Sit for a bit and let your mind wander through the great joys and positive aspects of your life. When you feel complete with this, place the stone in a prominent and special place in your home or office. For one week whenever you're feeling bogged down with negative thoughts, go to the stone and hold it, bringing your awareness to joy and positivity. See if this changes your week for the better. I'd love to hear from you about how you felt trying this!

Intentional Design

We technically have about 6 weeks left of Winter. Sometimes this is the point when we begin to long a little for the warmth and blossoms of Spring time, but instead we could think of this as an excellent time to dig deeper into our inner landscape, looking at our alignment and tending to our refinement. This is the work that prepares the soil of our lives for the activation of our intentions. 

Since the colder weather brings us inside more often, fine tuning our indoor spaces is the perfect practice right now. We know how asana and meditation practices bring us into clarity, and we can feel this same revitalization in our home and work spaces through Intentional Design--which is a combination of Feng Shui principles and the yogic wisdom of the Chakras. By looking at our homes and work spaces through the Intentional Design lens, we can create powerful and supportive environments that provide us necessary nourishment as we continue to evolve. To boil it down, what we cultivate on the inside becomes anchored in our spaces, which deepens our connection to our higher self and ultimately creates a dynamic pathway for our intentions to come into fruition. 

So let's keep digging deeper into the soil of ourselves, churning up the beauty and light that we are. Let's keep reflecting that back to ourselves and to each other through our yoga and meditation practices and also in our home and office spaces. May the freedom in our hearts be realized!

I would love to support you with an Intentional Design Session, for more details:


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

This Rumi quote inspires me and is the perfect contemplation tool for this new moon time. As the moon becomes dark and invisible from Earth, it is a reminder that we all have our own shadow side. No matter where we are on our evolutionary path, there’s always another layer to peel. 

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