"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

This Rumi quote inspires me and is the perfect contemplation tool for this new moon time. As the moon becomes dark and invisible from Earth, it is a reminder that we all have our own shadow side. No matter where we are on our evolutionary path, there’s always another layer to peel.

Through physical and energetic practices, we have the power to examine our inner barriers or knots. This recognition of inner tension becomes the fuel that guides us into a more awakened state. By looking at our own obstacles in a seriously honest and vulnerable way, we courageously face our own shadows and move toward a richer sense of self, catching a glimpse of and accepting the full spectrum of who we really are. We are made of light and shadow, full of contrasting yet complementary shades and tones. Once we remove one barrier, even if it’s tiny, that pathway opens and changes the way we react or don’t react to experiences around us.

So, this new moon time calls for us to pause on the path and reflect… It beckons us to look inward and offers the chance to clear pockets of unnecessary tension. When we do, heaviness that we’ve perhaps been holding begins to dissolve, and often as a result we experience a sense of buoyancy. It is in this place that our creativity and inspiration lives. This is why we call the new moon a time of “fertile darkness.” This is the moist, deep, strong soil, made from the decay of our inner barriers, where our dream seeds thrive.