Intentional Design

We technically have about 6 weeks left of Winter. Sometimes this is the point when we begin to long a little for the warmth and blossoms of Spring time, but instead we could think of this as an excellent time to dig deeper into our inner landscape, looking at our alignment and tending to our refinement. This is the work that prepares the soil of our lives for the activation of our intentions. 

Since the colder weather brings us inside more often, fine tuning our indoor spaces is the perfect practice right now. We know how asana and meditation practices bring us into clarity, and we can feel this same revitalization in our home and work spaces through Intentional Design--which is a combination of Feng Shui principles and the yogic wisdom of the Chakras. By looking at our homes and work spaces through the Intentional Design lens, we can create powerful and supportive environments that provide us necessary nourishment as we continue to evolve. To boil it down, what we cultivate on the inside becomes anchored in our spaces, which deepens our connection to our higher self and ultimately creates a dynamic pathway for our intentions to come into fruition. 

So let's keep digging deeper into the soil of ourselves, churning up the beauty and light that we are. Let's keep reflecting that back to ourselves and to each other through our yoga and meditation practices and also in our home and office spaces. May the freedom in our hearts be realized!

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