Molly Upchurch, Shaman, Feng Shui Consultant & Yogini

Molly Upchurch, Shaman, Feng Shui Consultant & Yogini

Elemental Sanctuary

Elemental = Embodying the Powers of Nature

Sanctuary = Sacred Space, Oasis, Retreat

Through the Elemental Sanctuary process, sacred space is created as elements of nature are balanced within the inner and outer landscape of life. When we view ourselves and our homes through the Elemental Sanctuary lens, we get clear on what feels stagnant and needs dissolving. Once we remove the obstacles, we get really clear on what needs enhancing. This happens on both a physical and energetic level. As a result, we feel more at home in all aspects of ourselves and in our living and working environments.

Molly Upchurch has spent the past 19 years sourcing from the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, Yoga, and Shamanism. As a teacher and healer she guides her students in transformational breath, movement, and meditation practices, and as a Feng Shui Advisor she supports her clients in creating a living sanctuary in their home and work spaces.

Education: Pampamesayok Shaman School (2018) Master of Science in Sustainability from Lipscomb University (2015) Yoga Teacher Certifications from White Lotus Foundation (2007) and Samudra School of Living Yoga (2014) Feng Shui Consultant Certification from The Western School of Feng Shui (2002) Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee (1995).