Building Sanctuary

One of the definitions of "sanctuary" is a sacred place or a place for peaceful tranquility and introspection. Who doesn't want this in their home? Or workplace? The good news is that this is available and possible for all of us!

First, think about creating sanctuary both on the inside and on the outside--both energetically and physically. We are a reflection of our environment and our environment is a reflection of us. The goal is to simultaneously create sanctuary in ourselves and in our homes/workplaces. 

There are two main steps to cultivating a sanctuary: First the stagnant and stale must go, so basically clear your clutter, release what you no longer love or need, and only keep what truly "feeds" you in positive vibes. This means looking at your physical belongings as well as your lifestyle, essentially your body/mind/soul situation. Next, begin enhancing your space, starting with the area that is calling out to you most and move into other areas from there. Enhancements will range from changing the color of a room to moving furniture to altering your exercise/food/sleep routines to calling in healing crystals, oils, and transformational mantras-- because after all this is an all encompassing sanctuary we are creating for ourselves. 

When should you create a sanctuary for yourself? Now! We only walk this Earth for a short time, and this is our time to thrive and rise into our true human potential. It helps to start small. First create a small altar that is full of representations of your higher consciousness and the life you are dreaming in. That will anchor your energetic sanctuary. Next, clear out one drawer or closet, which will be begin the altering of your physical sanctuary. Let me know how this goes for you!