Identifying and anchoring your highest self in your living and working spaces allows you to see life from a refreshed point of view, one that gives you the chance to refine yourself while positively impacting the world around you. 

Building Sanctuary 

Combining principles from Feng Shui, Shamanism, and Vedic philosophy, I have created a powerful toolbox for Building Sanctuary in our living and working environments.

Through the Building Sanctuary process, together we will identify and clear energetic and physical clutter. Next we will intelligently choose and place art, objects, color, and textures as energetic anchors to amplify intentions, breathing new life into your living and working environments.


"Molly has a magical way of walking into a house and turning it into a home. Her abilities and extensive experience bring life to inanimate objects, shifting the energy of the house and ultimately the lives of the people who live there.  Her creative and artistic eye, without fail, finds ways to make a space more functional, beautiful, and alive.  She has a true gift to share." D. Gilbert

"Molly is pure Earth healing energy. She has deep, ancient wisdom that's like a great redwood combined with Mary Magdalene." M.Murphy



In this session, I will support you in building your own Home/Work Sanctuary. Accessing techniques from the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, Shamanism, and Vedic philosophy, together we will explore spaces in your environment to clear, enhance, and revitalize energy flow, . 

Sessions include: 

  • Recommendations for clutter clearing
  • Locating and removing any stagnant or negative energy
  • Suggestions of energy enhancement by moving furniture, in art placement, through color choices, and by balancing the elements of the space
  • Anchoring intentions through intelligent placement of sacred objects 
  • Recommendations for crystals, herbs, movement practices, and mantras for energetic balancing


In this session, we will check on the progress of the clearing and enhancements that have been made. Additional support will be given for the continued balancing and revitalizing of your Home/Work Sanctuary.


In this session, suggestions for space clearing and enhancements will be made to properties for sale. Intentions will be set for the space to support the attraction of buyers and to harmonize the transition of ownership.

Sessions include:

  • Recommendations for clutter clearing
  • Floor plan and furniture placement assessment
  • Energetic stagnation or negativity removal 


As your Guide for creating a Living and Working Sanctuary, I am here to support you in tuning into your foundational strength, reclaiming your creative flow, lighting your fire of intention, clearing and expanding the space of your heart, activating your voice, honing your intuition, and opening yourself to spirit. Through this refinement, together we will build living and working environments for you that facilitate ritualistic living in everyday life. As a result, the simple and mundane become magical and sacred.  

To schedule Elemental Sanctuary sessions: