Yoga Sessions

Giving ourselves proper nourishment of Body, Mind, and Spirit directly impacts the vibration we have in the world. With the combination of breath, movement, and meditation, there is a brilliant alchemy that supports:

Releasing tension

Dissolving stagnation

Stepping into personal power

Cultivating an awakened inner state


Summer Session Offering

Illuminated Summer

We are swimming in the peak of light, and it's the perfect time to step into your essence. The Summer warmth and abundant blossoms are ideal inspiration and support for this journey. Dissolving inner knots and stagnation (both physical and energetic) through breath, fluid movement, and guided meditation expands your ability to offer and receive love and to open to your truth. When we experience the delicate balance of giving and receiving, blockages release, while gratitude and compassion begin to flow without conditions or restrictions. This session offers the opportunity to remember the pure vibrational energy of your heart. 

Year Round Session Offerings

New Moon 

New Moon practices call us to pause and reflect on the seeds we are cultivating. By making space to reflect upon our deepest intentions, we can dissolve what is holding us back and transform that into the energy necessary for manifesting our dreams. New Moon practices include gentle, deep movement and shamanic healing.

Full Moon

The Full Moon pulls us up and out and calls us to bring what really matters into light. We can then dissolve the unnecessary tensions and distractions, tending your inner fire, anchoring your deepest intentions, and igniting the power of unwavering strength and clarity. Full Moon practices include gentle to active movement and shamanic healing.

Equinox Practices

The Spring and Fall Equinox are both excellent times for assessing inner and outer balance, as we are experiencing balanced light and darkness between day and night. In the Spring, the yogic practices are designed to invigorate what has been brewing in us all Winter and is perhaps ready to reveal itself in Summer. In the Fall, the yogic practices support our journey into the fertile darkness of Winter.

Solstice Practices

Practices around the Summer Solstice are in celebration of the peak of light in the wheel of the year. By clarifying ourselves at this time, we have the opportunity to ask: What are we illuminating in our lives and why? Does this need shifting into better alignment with our intentions? How are we feeling or not feeling abundant in our lives?

Practices leading up to the Winter Solstice are designed to guide us into the regenerative power of the fertile darkness of Winter, an opportune time to tend our deep strength. Practices at the Winter Solstice are designed to rebirth us and inspire us with a sense of renewal as we enter the gateway of the New Year.

All private sessions are tailored to individual needs and intentions.  2 HOURS/$150

To schedule: molly@elementalvitality.com